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Training Philosophy


Why Dana’s approach?

Dogs act as our mirror. The unconditional love we receive from them is in truth a reflection of the unconditional love and goodness in each and every one of us. Our dogs show us the potential in ourselves as well as the potential in humanity. Training with Dana shines a light on that truth, encouraging respect and deep understanding for these creatures that show us the tremendous capacity of the human spirit.

Dana is a creative, inspirational and passionate positive reinforcement trainer, breeder, Reiki Master, intuitive, lifestyle coach, and innovative holistic teacher and coach for dogs and their people.

Your Puppy Training and Behavior Questions Answered Here!

Puppy training made simple

Have a simple, general question about your puppy’s training or behavior?  Ask your question here, and Dana will post a response publicly in the next blog.


Get to know the trainer, Dana, and get answers to questions such as:

  • How can Intuitive Dog Relationship Consulting help both me and my dog?
  • Will your Puppy or Adult Skills Training Sessions fit with my goals?
  • How does clicker training work?
  • Is private training right for me and my dog? How does that differ from a class?
  • Can you tell me about becoming a therapy dog?
  • Why is early neurological stimulation and socialization critical in puppies? What steps do I need to take NOW to ensure a well-rounded adult dog?
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