Puppy & Dog Training, Animal Communication & Reiki in Richmond VA

Creative and Empowering

Experience a creative and empowering method of addressing your dog’s needs

Sensitive and Intelligent Answers

Answers you need to bring wisdom clarity and balance to your dog’s world

Find Wisdom Through a Holistic Approach

Gets answers about life from your dog and your intuitive self

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 You want to understand your dog, feel a wild bond with your dog, and have more fun with your dog!


Shock collars?! Prongs?? Jerking my dog? Dominance is the old way to train. You are just as intelligent as you are creative, compassionate and playful. This is your best friend, not someone to boss around! Cookies?? YESSS!! And toys and scratches and rubs and I Love You’s are the types of rewards you give.


Dana takes a “Mind – Body – Spirit” approach to dog training, meaning you get a deeper perspective of your problems instead of a one-size-fits-all solution. The key is understanding the science behind dog behavior, an empathy for human beings, and the ability to find creative answers amidst the complex.


Private training is for everyone! Group classes are great for learning the basics and a bit of socialization. But a private session in your home or off-site location is one hour of dedicated focus on the unique learning needs of you and your dog. Learn up to five times more in a private session than you would in a group class!


Get to know the trainer, Dana, and get answers to questions such as:

  • How can Intuitive Dog Relationship Consulting help both me and my dog?
  • Will your Puppy or Adult Skills Training Sessions fit with my goals?
  • How does clicker training work?
  • Is private training right for me and my dog? How does that differ from a class?
  • Can you tell me about becoming a therapy dog?
  • Why is early neurological stimulation and socialization critical in puppies? What steps do I need to take NOW to ensure a well-rounded adult dog?
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