Richmond's Only Holistic Dog Training

Dana takes a “Mind – Body – Spirit” approach to dog training, meaning you get a deeper perspective of your problems instead of a one-size-fits-all solution. The key is understanding the science behind dog behavior, an empathy for human beings, and the ability to find creative answers amidst the complex.

Bringing Harmony Between Dogs & People

Regain your natural harmony with nature’s wonderful canine companions

Do More With Your Dog!

You want to understand your dog, feel a wild bond with your dog, and have more fun with your dog!


Earth-Based Spirituality & Dog Training

Dog Training Made Whole Together we have the opportunity to define a relationship between dogs and their families. That definition naturally is shaped by our relationship with earth. So to define earth-based spirituality in the context of our relationship with dogs...

Understanding Your Dog

First Paw Forward has a standard of excellence when working with clients and their “family members” (your beloved dog(s)) – here are some valuable tips to help you build a foundation: Learn some of the science of how dogs think and communicate. Animal Planet’s...

A Divine Partnership Between Species

Understanding your dog’s behavior is essential to a creating a partnership between species. Your dog has its own way of perceiving its environment, which includes your words, smells, body language, and reactions to the dog and your own environment. Stressors in...

A Harmonious Relationship in Dog Training

A harmonious relationship in dog training The earth is a complex natural environment where things co-exist in harmony. Dog training is a complex relationship between two species who don’t understand how to co-exist without adapting their communication methods....

Harmony in dog training

Harmony in dog training as in life Success in dog training depends on the relationship between the owner and the dog. Many dog owners seek help from a professional dog trainer in order to ‘change an undesired behavior,’ typically because their own attempts to change...

Remembering the Joy in Training

As a trainer, I enjoy being a student for a number of reasons, and one of them is the simple joy of bonding with my dog. My one year old, Seven, is taking her first agility class. And there is something about the nervous excitement of tackling the obstacles that...

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