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Holistic Dog Training & Animal Communication

Animal Communication builds a bridge between you and your dog, where emotions and energy matter more than words.

Dog training can be fun and empowering for both species.



Why Choose Us?

  • Method. We teach by the principle of LIMA – the Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive methods are used to train your dog in an effective, humane, dog-friendly way.
  • Knowledge. We know the difference between popular reality show fads, traditional trainers with outdated training methods, and modern, science-based, positive dog training that works. We can help you understand how to train correctly without sounding snobbish or demeaning. And we keep up with professional continuing education courses every year so that our clients benefit.
  • Experience. We have worked with puppies through seniors and all breeds, and we know how to effectively communicate with our clients and can lead you to succeed in your goals.
  • Excellence. We can’t promise to be the better than the rest, but we hold a commitment to being the best we possible CAN be for the sake of our clients.
  • Integrity. We know we are changing lives, and we take that seriously! Our client relationships, our professionalism, and our commitment to the latest in science-based training methods is our priority.
  • Partnership. We have relationships with other positive dog professionals, and if it’s not our area of expertise, we can refer you to a trusted professional.
  • We are people friendly! Not all dog trainers are, and that doesn’t make them bad trainers, but it can make it hard to work well with them.

Animal Communication Sessions

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Richmond’s Dog Training Blog

Why Emotions Matter in Dog Training

Dog Training is a messy business. Anyone who claims that it is cut and dry is missing the beauty if not the stinging reality of the complexity that is Hearts and Dogs. You say I am complacent and permissive with my cookies and praises, and I say you’re downright cruel...

Earth-Based Spirituality & Dog Training

Dog Training Made Whole Together we have the opportunity to define a relationship between dogs and their families. That definition naturally is shaped by our relationship with earth. So to define earth-based spirituality in the context of our relationship with dogs...

Understanding Your Dog

First Paw Forward has a standard of excellence when working with clients and their “family members” (your beloved dog(s)) - here are some valuable tips to help you build a foundation: Learn some of the science of how dogs think and communicate. Animal Planet’s TV show...

A Divine Partnership Between Species

Understanding your dog's behavior is essential to a creating a partnership between species. Your dog has its own way of perceiving its environment, which includes your words, smells, body language, and reactions to the dog and your own environment. Stressors in your...

A Harmonious Relationship in Dog Training

A harmonious relationship in dog training The earth is a complex natural environment where things co-exist in harmony. Dog training is a complex relationship between two species who don’t understand how to co-exist without adapting their communication methods....

Harmony in dog training

Harmony in dog training as in life Success in dog training depends on the relationship between the owner and the dog. Many dog owners seek help from a professional dog trainer in order to ‘change an undesired behavior,’ typically because their own attempts to change...

Remembering the Joy in Training

As a trainer, I enjoy being a student for a number of reasons, and one of them is the simple joy of bonding with my dog. My one year old, Seven, is taking her first agility class. And there is something about the nervous excitement of tackling the obstacles that...

You are an amazing trainer, I have not been nipped nor my shirts got more holes in it since you left. Bear still tries to nip on me and shirt/pants/towel…but I am able to distract him before he succeeds. I know Bear still has long way to go, but oh, boy, my life is so much better now.. I did not have trouble to put his leash on this morning. I could not thank you enough for your training session.


Q. Lee

I want you to know that Bear found his new home. Thank you so much for you help. You truly played the most important role in his wonderful transformation. I cannot imagine how this foster experience would be without your help. Thank you!

Q. Lee

Tino is a different dog since you starting working with him!

B. Todd

Dana has a unique gift. Her insight is amazing and dead on accurate. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

D. McMullen

author & certified dog behavior consultant