New Puppy Level 1 and Level 2 classes starts August 5 at the Dude Ranch Pet Resort, Glen Allen, VA

New! C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life And Social Skills) group classes starting in August at the Dude Ranch.

NEW! “Reliable Rover” and “Doodle With Your Dog” classes coming Fridays in August at the Dude Ranch

Empowering Owners and Their Dogs to Achieve Harmony With Life


Our dogs are amazing creatures, aren’t they? 
Joyful, smart, playful, loving, with an incredible capacity for unconditional love. 

Why is it so hard to communicate? That new puppy went from Cute!! to Driving You Crazy! Busy mornings, meal times and leisurely evenings have become chaotic. You’re always yelling “No!” and the dog never seems to listen. The jumping, the pulling on leash, never coming when called - it makes you feel frustrated and powerless. 

So why life skills coaching? 

Have you ever admired someone who had a way with words? A certain way they carried themselves. A person who moved through life with ease, someone who seemed to have a magic touch. 

Welcome to the real world. :) 

In all seriousness - that “someone” is the brilliant person within you. 

Life skills is about balance. It’s a holistic approach to addressing challenges with courage, determination and honesty. 

Life skills coaching empowers you to teach your dog practical skills and resolve behavior concerns with the same compassion you should give to yourself. As partners, you and your dog have an opportunity to grow and achieve goals together. The side benefits can include patience, organization, calm, self-care, peace of mind and more, with a focus on reinforcing strengths and developing new habits - for you *and* your dog.

Our dogs have so much to teach us about life. What have you learned from your dog today? 


Ready to work with an empathetic coach on some life skills for you and your dog? Tell me that you’re interested in the “life skills coaching,” and we’ll develop a custom plan that fits with your needs and comfort level. 

Just want someone to train your dog some skills? We can do that too!