Sophia is the best out there. Hands down. You won’t regret booking a session.

Debby McMullen

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), Pawsitive Reactions

Animal Communication


Nature’s creatures bring profound gifts to our lives. It is our connection with them that speaks with a beautiful resonance, showing us the way along untrodden paths. It is our duty to listen.

Loved dog


Our dogs provide us with profound insight into our lives and theirs. When the lifestyles or circumstances become too distracting for us to understand what our dogs truly need, Animal Communication can bridge the gap.


What to expect:

These are some common general questions Sophia may ask your dog in a general reading:

  • Are you in balance?
  • Is your owner in balance?
  • Are you in good health?
  • Where are you or your owner imbalanced?
  • What do you need in your life?
  • What does your owner need in his/her life that is lacking?
  • What is your role in your household?
  • What do you need in order to thrive?

Examples of specific owner questions:

  • Is my dog enjoying the type and/or level of activities you do together?
  • What is the source of my dog’s anxiety? (e.g. not feeling grounded, not feeling safe, mirroring owner’s emotions, etc.)
  • Does my dog want more physical or mental exercise?
  • Is my dog receiving enough rejuvenating rest?
  • Does my dog like his food (is it nourishing or “right” for him)
  • Is it my dog’s “time” to go (end of life question)


Animal communication sessions take place by phone. During the session, you and your dog should be in a comfortable place free of intense distractions. A photo of your animal is NOT required. 


End of Life:

How do you know when your pet is ready? Sophia communicates with your pet to learn their emotions regarding their health and longevity, whether or not they still have a fighting spirit and will to live, unfinished business, or if they are ready to be let go, having accomplished everything they can with their owner.

Having Sophia with us to let us know what Sailor was thinking and feeling was such a comfort! She also helped Sailor using Reiki. And to know that her spirit is still here with us, helping us deal with her loss, is so great to know. – J Reynolds

Deceased Pets:

Sophia offers to communicate with deceased pets upon request. Sessions typically require no more than 15 minutes.


Lost Pets:

Sophia can offer to communicate with pets who are lost to find out their emotional state, encourage them to return home (if possible), assure them of their safety and other basic needs (such as promise of a loving home, food, etc.), help them overcome any obstacles to returning home (such as fear of traps or strangers).

Sophia cannot locate missing pets or guarantee a pet’s return home. There are far too many variables at play when when trying to get pets to return home.


How does it work?

Also known as an “animal intuitive,” an animal communicator has the gift of a heightened, or extra-sensory perception of the non-verbal communication that our pets give to us continuously. The animal communicator’s angel partners assist them in interpreting the thoughts and feelings of the animal through human language, imagery, and physical sensations.


Professional Code of Conduct:


Reiki for animalsThe animal communicator must maintain awareness of her limitations and refer to other professionals as needed. Everyresponse received from the animal must be interpreted as a representation of the animal’s perceptions, emotions, and energetic readings. The animal communicator cannot and will not diagnose illness or behavior problems over a distance. The animal communicator will always apply science-based learning theory and behavior to the interpretation, when appropriate.



Animal Communication

15 minutes

Animal Communication

30 minutes



“Sophia has a unique gift. Her insight is amazing and dead on accurate. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

– D. McMullen, author & certified dog behavior consultant


“In addition to being an exceptional dog trainer, Sophia helped me through one of the hardest times of my life, knowing when it was time to send my 14 year beloved girl, Ginger, to the Rainbow Bridge. Ginger had been getting progressively worse with her inability to walk and suddenly stopped eating. We had been home-cooking yummy meals, but Ginger refused to eat. I had a session with Sophia who told me Ginger wanted fish and “no vegetables please.” We had been mixing vegetables in with her food. Sophia said she was having pain. We cooked fish for her that night which she gobbled down and increased her pain meds. She ate fish for weeks. We had 4 more quality months with our girl before she really failed and told Sophia she was ready to leave. If not for Sophia I probably would have not had the extra time with Ginger.”

– R. Del Medico,