Question from Ruth S.:

I have a 3 year old doberman. She is highly intelligent but when she gets of the leash that’s it, she is running here and there and not even regonizing that I am constantly calling to her to come to me. What is the problem?

Dana’s Response:

Your smart girl sounds like a typical Dobie with her high prey drive. Once they have the opportunity to get off leash, it’s not uncommon for many breeds of dogs like Dobermans to get an adrenaline rush as their natural instinct to hunt prey takes over. And adrenaline puts her in that ‘zone,’ making it hard for her to even hear you. 🙂

Here’s a tip: Make sure your dog has plenty of opportunities for exercise, both physical and mental, so that the excitement of having that ‘forbidden’ freedom is not quite as intense.


  • There are many quick and easy training games you can play at home to give your dog a mini brain workout
  • The game of Tug, taught correctly, is great physical exercise
  • Most dogs can be taught outdoor games such as retrieving and herding that are more physically exhausting for large dogs than a simple walk.

Also, work on a training a solid recall – first at home and then in public places (controlled), making the act of coming to you **highly** rewarding.