Dog Training Made Whole

Together we have the opportunity to define a relationship between dogs and their families. That definition naturally is shaped by our relationship with earth. So to define earth-based spirituality in the context of our relationship with dogs and dog training, we must first understand who we are as spiritual beings on this earth. Understanding who we are in the bigger picture of the universe helps us to see how all beings are interconnected through nature.

From the moment of conception we are connected with other animals on earth because we are by nature part of a larger ecosystem that we share with all creatures. Together, animals and humans share a similar pattern of thought and design that comes from the divine. All creatures have the ability to communicate through a universal language of patterns of thought. Animal communicators use this knowledge to connect with animals through signals which are patterns of thought identifiable by sound and pictures. Dog training applies this principal.

Beginning with our relationship with other beings, we begin to see how the way in which we communicate can impact our relationship with nature. Our insight into relationships can help us define what we are meant to do in our sustainability of life and its protection of the planet. Life and its ecosystem is an essential component of spiritual practice in that it allows us to understand the delicate balance between ourselves, our world, and the creatures in it. This understanding leads to greater harmony between beings as it allows a fruitful relationship among creatures who would otherwise do harm rather than good. Protecting our relationships with all creatures naturally helps protect the earth.

Life on earth is one of the most complex systems yet to be understood fully. Just as our relationship with animals is complex, we are learning to understand how to harmonize with the earth and all beings. Harmony between species is defined as a balance between communicating through natural and instinctual methods, and contrived means that allow for understanding to occur by thoughts, words and actions that represent meanings that are universal. Beginning with action, our means of communication must reflect a harmony with nature in its system of natural flow between thoughts and energies. Those thoughts and energies represent a pattern found in nature that can be used to communicate with any other being.

Because our relationship with animals is critical to the earth’s balance, we must strive to understand our essential nature as human beings and our relationship with its ecosystem. Beginning to understand our own pets is the first step toward a relationship with the earth. Dog training is our first paw forward.