Essential Oils for Dogs



Essential Oils for Your Dog’s Holistic Lifestyle


We use premium grade, therapeutic essential oils as part of a holistic lifestyle for pets (and people too!). We follow protocols from holistic veterinarians, including Dr. Melissa Shelton DVM – we love her Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oils for Animals.

essential oils for dogs
Use of essential oils:

  • Emotional balance
  • Energetic balance (chakras)
  • Topical first aid
  • Insect bites and parasite deterrent

Most essential oils can be used safely with dogs, with some being diffused for optimum effect, while others are safe to apply to the coat or skin.

Some of our favorite essential oils for dogs are singles and blends manufactured by Young Living. We would never be without Peace and Calming, Valor, Lavender, and PanAway. We have calmed male dogs around girls in heat, balanced our dogs’ chakras, given soothing, spa-like massages, disinfected and healed cuts, eased anxiety, and always seek to provide a calm environment through aromatherapy. We also clean surfaces exclusively with essential oils (we keep a non-toxic home!), and the dogs get baths with essential oil based shampoo.


If you are interested in experiencing essential oils for your family, we recommend Young Living. They are a 20+ year old American company who offers their products exclusively through their members, who can purchase essential oils for retail prices or at a membership discount, like buying through Costco (but without an annual fee). What makes Young Living stand out is the unparalleled quality of their oils and their Seed to Seal® process of ensuring that the wild-crafted oils retain their potency from the organic, sustainable soil the seeds are planted in, all the way to the pure drops in the bottle you use.

If you have any questions about which essential oils may be right for your dog, send us an email!

Check out Our Young Living Page

essential oils for dogs