Dog Training

Holistic Dog Training Solutions in Richmond VA:

Bring harmony to your household by training a relaxed, calm, responsive, well-mannered dog.

Using positive reinforcement, we help you train your dog in basic through advanced manners and obedience skills.

In-home, private and group dog training offered in metro Richmond and Glen Allen


•Teach your dog to be responsive

•Gain a deeper level of understanding of your own behavior and lifestyle and its impact on your dog.

•Improve your two-way communication skills

•Achieve new desired patterns of behavior


Learn sit, stay, come and all the practical tools for success

•Do more that your DOG wants to do: play off leash safely, hit the streets with confidence, and have way more fun than most dogs!

•Try new things and have new adventures – want to be a therapy dog team? Show off your tricks? Play dog sports?


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Private Puppy  Training

Private Adolescent and Adult Dog Training

Clicker Training Classes